Identified by their unique sound & style and fascinating songwriting ideas, The Rundays are a versatile rock group, based out of Thessaloniki, Greece. They emerged in 2013. Since then, they have played a large number of gigs around Greece spreading their riffs and chords throughout the country.

Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Giorgos Kytidis, the band is rounded out by bassist Alexis Eleftheriadis, guitarist Thanasis Papadopoulos and drummer Stavros Kortesas. Being together since the high school years, they got the opportunity to experiment and familiarize themselves with various musical genres. Eventually, everything they knew and loved about music was put into practice hence the unique Rundays' sound was created, i.e. a blend of indie, alternative, garage, psychedelic and blues rock.

"Hellcat" (2015) is the name of their first LP. It is a guitar-based album, filled with catchy riffs and bright tunes. Sliding towards a more psychedelic and “darker” music path, The Rundays' 2nd album, "Psycall" (2019) can be characterized as an inner call to the band’s psyche (=soul). Orwellian references, Amsterdam walks, trips to the “neverlands” of the mind are themes that round up the cosmos of "Psycall".

Get ready for a dystopian trip towards the unexplored places of your minds and hearts.

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